Dienstag, Juni 09, 2015

Gaga! Einfach gaga!

Vor knapp zwei Wochen verlinkte Genderama einen Artikel der New York Post über ein in New York geplantes Gesetz zur Bekämpfung sexueller Gewalt. Ich zitiere noch mal kurz:

New York’s Democrats are embracing Sulkowicz and her cause. Gov. Cuomo is pushing for passage of what he calls "the toughest law in the nation" against campus sexual violence.

It would make campuses in New York a hostile environment for young men. One misstep and they could find themselves accused of "sexual assault," denied a fair hearing, expelled and unemployable.

The law would apply at all private colleges in the state, extending regulations that Cuomo has already imposed on the state university system.

Everyone should want to prevent rape. But Cuomo’s bill criminalizes normal sexual interactions.

(...) Here’s a "sexual misconduct scenario" Yale University drafted to show students how it’s supposed to work:

"Morgan and Kai are friends who begin dancing and kissing at a party. They are both drunk although not to the point of incapacitation. Together they decide to go to Kai’s room. They undress each other and begin touching each other. Morgan moves as if to engage in oral sex and looks up at Kai questioningly. Kai nods in agreement and Morgan proceeds. Subsequently, without pausing to check for further agreement, Kai begins to perform oral sex on Morgan. Morgan lies still for a few minutes then moves away, saying it is late and they should sleep."

Did you notice any assault? Probably not. But according to Yale, Kai would be guilty of sexual assault and reprimanded, marring his college record.

(...) Cuomo says "as a father of two college-aged girls" he’s making campus sexual assault "a personal issue." But if Cuomo gets his way, as it appears he will, parents with sons should think twice about sending them to college in New York.

Jetzt ratet mal, welcher Promi dieses Gaga-Gesetz unterstützt ...

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