Dienstag, Mai 26, 2015

US-Rechtsanwalt: Vergewaltigungsyhysterie an Unis Hölle für Männer

Die Detroit News haben den Rechtsanwalt David Nacht zum Thema "Vergewaltigungen an Hochschulen" befragt. Ein Auszug:

'Nacht has seen how the system can seriously harm the reputation and future of some students — especially male students. When universities investigate reported sexual misconduct, due process is often thrown out for the accused. (...)

Nacht related a recent case that illustrates the problem. A couple at UM had been together for three years, and in the course of one weekend, they had consensual sex three times. But after they attended a party, the woman decided she wanted to break up with him. She didn't inform him of this and went back with him to his dorm room that night, where some sexual activity took place. They both had been drinking.

The young woman later contended this last sexual encounter was rape. In addition to being investigated by the university, the young man faced criminal charges. In the end, he was cleared of any wrongdoing, but he needed the expensive help of a lawyer.

"That is, in my mind, the most extreme example I have seen of the system going out of control in terms of pursuing cases," Nacht says.'

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