Mittwoch, Mai 27, 2015

Offener Brief: "Minecraft ist sexistisch und sollte verboten werden!"

Ein offener Brief an den Erfinder des Computerspiels Minecraft parodiert die Zensurwut von Feministinnen ebenso wie deren Leidenschaft, überall Sexismus zu entdecken:

Minecraft does, from the outset, strive to appeal to traditional masculinity. The simple act of building is a millennia old gender-coded act that has caused men since the beginning of time to take it upon themselves to build buildings and other stuff. Historically, women who’ve been eager to build their own Basilicas, Pyramids or Big Bens have been told that building is "a man’s domain", that they’re too delicate to get their hands dirty with brick and mortar. Minecraft perpetuates that Patriarchal stereotype, by making building stuff the central theme of the game, you're making women feel inadequate. Notch, you’re excluding women who have been told their entire lives that they aren’t allowed to build stuff! How do you not see this?

(...) I am not only angry with you Notch - I am hurt too. Hurt that you have created an experience that could have been very tolerant and open to everyone, but purposelly excluded half of the population. You don't get to do this. You don't get to set female gamers back 30 years. Minecraft needs to go, like, I am serious. Minecraft needs to be banned before it hurts more women. I know a lot of anti-feminists will get angry at this because their precious male privileged game is going to be taken away from them - but guess what - I DON'T CARE. This has gone far enough as it is!

So everyone, please help me spread the word! Tweet under #Misogycraft and make sure this letter reaches Notch! Together, we can help bring Minecraft down!


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