Mittwoch, Februar 11, 2015

Experiment: Männer bei Dating-Websites längst nicht so übergriffig, wie mancher glaubt

Instagram account, ByeFelipe, documents some of the worst abusive messages women receive on dating sites, such as Tinder. From threats of violence to comments on bra size, the account is enough to make any woman want to avoid internet dating.

But Texan blogger, Karen Cheng, wanted to show that not all Tinder men are bad – and set up a trap to prove her point. She created up a fake female Tinder profile of a girl named Lisa used an automatic tool to right-swipe 1,000 profiles of men in San Francisco and another 1,000 in New York City.

(...) Ms Cheng said she thought some men may become hostile after being ignored, as shown in sites such as ByeFelipe. But out of 1,007 men who messaged Lisa, none turned aggressive or rude. ‘Just about everyone who messaged her was friendly and respectful,’ said Ms Cheng. ‘Sure, there was teasing, guys who were straightforward about their intention to hook up, and plenty of bad pickup lines. But no one became hostile or resorted to name-calling.’

Some of the matches took the time to ask her meaningful questions. Many of them even Googled her company - which was listed in her profile - in an effort to make conversation.

‘So if these Tinder horror stories are so common, how come we didn’t find a single one among over a thousand messages?’ Ms Cheng writes on her blog. ‘It’s like shark attacks. We hear about them in the news every summer, but only five people a year die of shark attacks. It’s the negative stories that get all the attention. Stories about men being decent and polite just aren’t as interesting as the stories of men being jerks. But here it is. Evidence that the vast majority of guys are actually pretty decent.’

Den vollständigen Artikel (naja, ich habe ihn fast durchgehend zitiert) findet man in der Daily Mail.

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