Mittwoch, Dezember 31, 2014

"Time"-Magazin: Auf einen besseren Feminismus im Jahr 2015!

Zum Ausklang des Jahres hier noch einer der Beiträge, für den Männerrechtler im allgemeinen und Genderama im besonderen von Leuten wie Jörg Rupp so gehasst werden – ein Auszug aus einem heute veröffentlichten Artikel des US-Nachrichtenmagazins "Time". Nach einem Rückblick auf die Feminismus-Debatte im vergangenen Jahr befindet seine Autorin Cathy Young, selbst eine liberale Feministin abseits des Mainstreams ihrer Bewegung:

If some people are pro-equality but won’t call themselves feminists because of they don’t like the word’s connotations, chastising them or explaining why they are "really" feminists is unhelpful and arrogant. Feminists, humanists, egalitarians, even (gasp!) men’s rights activists—why not work with anyone who shares one’s overall goals? A gender equality movement can only have a future if it’s a big tent.

(...)The other side of sexism must be recognized. Former Jezebel editor Lindy West has argued that such “men’s rights” problems as unequal treatment of fathers in family courts or bias against male domestic violence victims are rooted in patriarchy and that feminism is already addressing them. Unfortunately, facts say otherwise. On these and other issues, feminist activists and commentators have tended to side with women, oppose measures to help men, and promote women-as-victims, men-as-bad-guys narratives. Such double standards need to be confronted.

The perception of pervasive, one-sided male power and advantage can create a disturbing blindness to injustices toward men—even potentially life-ruining ones such as false accusations of rape. A true equality movement should address all gender-based wrongs, not create new ones.

(...) Could such a movement get its start in 2015? In the waning days of 2014, it looks like an idea whose time has come.

Ich wünsche allen Genderama-Lesern einen guten Rutsch und nur das Beste im neuen Jahr!

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