Dienstag, November 04, 2014

Naomi Shatz: "Feministinnen, wir gewinnen den Kampf gegen sexuelle Gewalt auf dem Campus nicht"

It is no secret to anyone who occasionally picks up a newspaper or magazine that we are in the middle of a cultural sea change regarding sexual assault on college campuses, a movement that one prominent lawyer has even called "one of the most important civil rights movements of our time." (...) As a feminist and a lawyer who represents male students accused of sexual assault by their colleges and universities, I find myself in a unique position to watch the media explode with these stories. In college I would have been one of the women attending the rallies, holding the signs, and celebrating the wave of expulsions and suspensions of men accused of sexual assault. In my first job as a lawyer I worked on issues surrounding how schools handled dating violence among students, and used Title IX, the law that addresses sexual assault in schools and universities, to sue an upstate New York school district for failing to protect my client from gender-based harassment. And then I joined a firm known for handling student discipline cases, started representing students accused of sexual assault, and soon realized what an insane, Kafkaesque world these student disciplinary proceedings are.

Hier geht es weiter.

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