Montag, November 17, 2014

Indien: Wikipedia soll mit Blick auf LGBT-Anliegen umgeschrieben werden

The Hindu berichtet über einen geplanten Edit-A-Thon, also ein gezieltes Umschreiben, der indischen Wikipedia, was LGBT-Themen angeht, also Themen, die mit Homo, Bi- und Transsexuellen zu tun haben:

To encourage discussion on gender and sexual minorities, Queerala, in association with Wikimedia India chapter, is organizing a ‘Wiki loves Pride – LGBT Edit-a-thon’ in Kochi on November 29.

Participants at the event will be trained to write and edit articles for Wikipedia. They will be encouraged to write, edit, and translate articles about LGBT issues. The edit-a-thon is an attempt to improve the representation of LGBT groups online and to provide information on rights campaigns, and laws.

(...) "This is only a beginning and we expect people to follow up on the work. After the seminar, people can use the training to continue writing and editing articles on the issue," said Mr. Kuriakose.

The organizers have already prepared a list of topics on which articles need to be created or expanded on the site, such as homosexuality, organisations like Queerala, Queer Pride marches in Kerala, films that refer to LGBT rights and issues, and so on.

Wikimedia organizes such edit-a-thons all over the world.

Anfang des Jahres fand ein internationaler feministischer Edit-a-thon der Wikipedia statt.

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