Mittwoch, Juli 30, 2014

The Hindu: "Die vielen Schattierungen von 'Vergewaltigung' in Indien"

Und wieder ein Artikel aus der Kategorie "für deutsche Leitmedien viel zu differenziert":

A six-month long investigation by The Hindu has revealed that the nature of reported sexual assault in Delhi is far more complex than earlier imagined. Among the key findings is that a third of all the cases heard during one year dealt with consenting couples whose parents had accused the boy of rape.

Over the last six months, The Hindu analysed all cases involving sexual assault that came before Delhi’s six district courts in 2013 - nearly 600 of them in all. The Hindu also interviewed judges who hear rape cases, public prosecutors who argue them, police officers who work on the cases, complainants, accused and their families, and women’s rights activists and lawyers. What emerges is a complex picture of the nature of sexual assault in the capital, a city that has come to be known as India’s "rape capital".

Hier geht es weiter.

Ein anderes Land, dasselbe Thema: New Zealand's Rape Culture Myth.

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