Donnerstag, Juni 12, 2014

Ständig neue Falschbeschuldigungen aufgedeckt – Feministinnen sauer auf Ermittler

Durch die britische Presse geht mal wieder der Fall eines Mannes, der durch eine Falschbeschuldigung in den Knast kam. Bezeichnend ist, wie der feministische Flügel darauf reagiert. Mit Ärger auf die Falschbeschuldigerin? I wo. Der Ärger trifft diejenigen, die solche Falschbeschuldigungen aufdecken:

Following an 11-week trial, the jury of 10 men and two women at Bristol crown court on Thursday found Brooker, who has an eight-month-old child, guilty of perverting the course of justice. She was given bail but could be jailed when she is sentenced later this month.

The campaign group Women Against Rape (War), which has supported Brooker, 30, claimed the police and Crown Prosecution Service put more resources into such cases than into investigating violent crimes including rape.

A War spokesperson said the prosecution of Brooker was "completely disproportionate", adding: "Time and again we see police resources diverted from rape and put into prosecuting women instead."

War argues that such prosecutions can deter women from reporting rape and domestic abuse. The spokesperson said: "We must bring an end to these witch hunts. If the authorities want to turn the clock back and put women off from coming forward, prosecutions like this are a very effective deterrent."

Radikale Feministinnen: Man MUSS sie einfach lieben. Freiwillig würde man das niemals tun.

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