Montag, Juni 09, 2014

Boko Haram tötet mehrere hundert Männer und Jungen: Die Welt schweigt

Das männerpolitische Blog Toy Soldiers kommentiert das verhaltene Medieninteresse an dem Massenmord, den die radikalislamische Gruppe Boko Haram vor wenigen Tagen an Männern und Jungen begangen hat:

Boko Haram went from village to village singling out and killing men and boys, including babies.

Of course, the attacks have failed to prompt more than a casual mention in United States media. The news outlets are far too obsessed with the Bowe Bergdahl story to worry about some militant group killing Nigerians. However, to my knowledge no one in U.S. has led with the fact that Boko Haram targeted men and boys. Even CNN titled the article "Reports: Boko Haram village raids kill hundreds in Nigeria."

Hundreds of what? People? Animals? Trees?

Certainly not men and boys. Yet that is what Boko Haram did.

When people mentioned Boko Haram’s gender-specific violence, many liberals and feminists dismissed it. They argued that the focus was on the kidnapped girls because the girls were still alive. Fair enough. Three hundred kidnapped girls may be more important than two dozen burned, shot, and slit-throated boys.

How about 400 to 500 dead men and boys? Infants boys torn from the mothers’ backs and then "shot dead before their eyes?"

Are they important enough to mention?

Imagine if the reverse happened. Imagine if Boko Haram spent several days traveling from village to village singling out women and girls and murdering them. Imagine the social media response. The news media response. In the international response.

Now go and look for that response following the recent attacks. That is not a rhetorical joke. I want you to stop reading this, open a new tab in your browser, and search and see if you can find anyone condemning the recent violence. Now check their political affiliation.

I do not expect much from people. Humans have a tendency to latch onto what is trendy. If it is trendy to tweet #bringbackourgirls, people will do it. However, I do expect people to be consistent in their concern. If the kidnapping of 300 girls riled you up, how can you be silent when the same group murders 500 men and boys? How can you be silent they target babies? Where is your outrage? Where is your activism? Where is your decency?

And just to hammer the nail harder, I saw the news reports a few days ago but did not have time to read them. I spotted it again on men’s rights sites. The people who are supposed to be raving misogynists hellbent on finishing what Elliot Rodger started are the only people talking about this.

The irony writes itself.

In der Tat: Die einzige Gruppe, die darauf beharrt, dass das Recht auf Leben für beide Geschlechter gleichermaßen gelten sollte, wird vom feministischen Establishment als gemeingefährliche Nazis dargestellt und mit fast allen Mitteln bekämpft. Damit uns auch weiterhin allein die Menschenrechte von Mädchen und Frauen interessieren.

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