Montag, Juni 09, 2014

Al Jazeera interviewt Männerrechtler

Elliot Rodger’s shooting rampage has attracted a lot more attention to the "manosphere," a corner of the Web that’s been growing for years. Rodger was active in the pick-up artist (PUA) arm of this online universe, where men swap dating tips and rant against women. Other websites, blogs and forums focus on men’s rights and what they consider the destructive influence of feminism.

To better understand the contours of the "manosphere," America Tonight sat down last week with Robert O’Hara, a full-time pedicab driver in Washington, D.C., who moonlights as a radio show host and U.S. news director of the website A Voice for Men. The site’s stated mission is to "denounce the institution of marriage as unsafe and unsuitable for modern men," "educate men and boys about the threats they face in feminist governance," "push for an end to rape hysteria" and "promote a culture that values equal treatment under the law for all human beings." Questions and answers have been edited for space and clarity.

Hier geht es weiter. Man muss der Verfasserin des Artikels schon fast Anerkennung zollen für die mühevolle Konstruktion, Elliot Rodger irgendwie mit Männerrechtlern in Verbindung zu bringen. Das bei Interviews sehr unübliche Verfahren, nachträglich redaktionelle Behauptungen einzuschieben, die den Interviewten schlecht aussehen lassen, denen er aber nicht mehr widersprechen kann, wird in der Kommentarspalte unter dem Beitrag gebührend kritisiert.

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