Donnerstag, März 27, 2014

Feministische Forderung, alle Männer umzubringen, boomt auf Twitter

Ich hatte auf Genderama bereits letztes Jahr über das feministische Twitter-Hashtag #killallmen berichtet. Der alternativen News-Website zufolge erlebt dieses Hashtag eine neue Blüte:

Underscoring once again how many feminists have misappropriated the women’s rights movement into an excuse for hating men, Twitter was once again flooded yesterday by a number of users who expressed their desire to #killallmen.

Imagine the outrage if a group of male bigots had descended on the social network to promote the trend #killallwomen – accounts would be deleted and feminists would be up in arms at such a brazen display of misogyny.

However, when the shoe is on the other foot, violent man-hating rhetoric is apparently perfectly acceptable.

Casually joking about the genocide of an entire gender was justified in the minds of feminists for a number of reasons, including the horror of a man asking for a woman’s phone number.

(...) A male feminist even got in on the act, telling men’s rights activists who didn’t like the #killallmen theme to "go away and die".

(...) Of course, no one is suggesting that feminists really want to wipe out the male population, that would be silly, but then again some of the tweets actually do call for outright genocide.

"Not endorsing that we #killallmen, (some of my best friends, etc), but reducing men to 1 in 4 would solve many of Society’s problems," wrote Anna Lieff-Saxby, before adding "I was thinking of foeticide, rather than bumping off 3/4 of the current male population. But then again I’ve got a little list."

(...) Of course, eliminating three quarters of the male population would also mean the ethnic cleansing of numerous minority groups, but calling for the genocide of blacks, Jews, and Arabs is only acceptable when disguised behind the all encompassing umbrella of misandry.

Als einer der Verantwortlichen für die männerpolitische Website A Voice for Men kritisierte Lucian Vâlsan die doppelte Moral gegenüber dieser Form von Hate Speech im Internet:

"If a group of men – or worse, a group of MRAs – would’ve done something like that, the entire society would have demanded their heads on the sticks. Yet feminists can get away with virtually anything – from making a mockery out of genital mutilation to outright calling for the extermination of the male sex" he said. "Some countries put people in jail for even saying something positive about the genocide of Jews – yet when it’s men as a sex, anything goes. If this is not cultural misandry, I don’t know what it is".

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