Dienstag, Dezember 24, 2013

"Male Studies: Der größte Vorstoß für Männer im Jahr 2013"

Die männerpolitische Website A Voice for Men freut sich:

Dr. Miles Groth, a men’s advocate, academician, professor of psychology at Wagner College and the editor of New Male Studies, has made an announcement about his organization’s efforts to install coursework in the study of human males that actually seeks to understand their life circumstances and problems, vs studying males "as" the problem.

To say this announcement is a milestone is a gross understatement.

Because of Dr. Groth’s exemplary work alongside a number of other esteemed academicians, the first degree program in MALE STUDIES begins in 2014. It is supported by the University of South Australia and will be available to students worldwide.

This is the first actual male studies program anywhere, despite the confabulations of Michael Kimmel, who claims to have worked in this field for 30 years, but has never produced a single degree program of any kind.

Indeed, without dwelling on it at this auspicious moment, all Kimmel has produced is a series of dog and pony shows that essentially emulate long established programs of academic feminism. He basically drew a penis on your average gender studies syllabus and preened as though it was an accomplishment.

What Dr. Groth has accomplished is something entirely different, new and worthwhile. And it marks THE moment in history when the complete academic hegemony of gender feminists on discussions of sex, gender, and importantly power, comes to an end.

From a personal perspective this is the biggest news and crowning achievement for men and boys in 2013. We are completely in Dr. Groth’s debt, and in debt to his colleagues in this monumental effort.

Genderama wünscht allen Lesern ein frohes Weihnachtsfest.

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