Mittwoch, November 27, 2013

Frauen, die Rocksänger anhimmelten, ließen ihn ihre Babys missbrauchen

Think of the rock star you idolize the most. Someone who really makes you scream, tear your hair out, and almost faint. Justin Bieber? (Let's hope not.) Mick Jagger? Now ask yourself if you would let that star sexually assault your child for the "honor" of hanging out with him. The vast majority of people would be sickened by the very idea and certainly never buy that guy's albums again! But others, well, others are very, very twisted.

A despicable case in South Wales has been showing just how far some fans would go for their idol, the lead singer of a group called Lostprophets. The frontman, Ian Watkins, has pleaded guilty to being a "determined and committed pedophile." Even worse? There were female fans -- mothers -- who admitting abusing or letting Watkins abuse their babies to prove their "love" for him.

Hier geht es weiter. Unter den deutschen Medien, die über den Fall berichten, findet man nur punktuell eine Erwähnung der Mittäterinnen, etwa bei N24 und Metal-Hammer. Die meisten anderen Medien, etwa die Welt, übergehen diesen Aspekt.

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