Dienstag, Oktober 08, 2013

National Geographic: Anteil der weiblichen Sex-Täter lange Zeit weit unterschätzt

Das Wissenschaftsmagazin National Geographic berichtet in einem aktuellen Artikel:

When you think rapist, you probably think of an adult male lurking in an alley and preying upon young women. Not so fast, according to a new study published in today's JAMA Pediatrics that overturns many commonly held beliefs about sexual violence.

(...) Perhaps the most controversial part of the study is that males, traditionally thought of as the perpetrators of sexual violence, are not the only ones responsible for sexual violence—females are too.

"Not long ago, males were asked the perpetrator questions and females were asked the victim questions," Ybarra noted. "We never appreciated the fact that males could be victims and females could be perpetrators. [This study] highlights the importance of asking both sexes both questions."

Females and males have carried out sexual violence at nearly equal levels by the age of 18 — 48 percent on the female side, 52 percent on the male side, according to the study. Interestingly, females tend to assault older victims, while males are more likely to choose younger victims. Females are also more likely to engage in "gang rape" types of activity and act in groups or teams (1 in 5 females reported this type of activity, compared with 1 in 39 males).

(...) Still, it's tough for a male victim to come forward. Majmudar cites a "cultural framework of masculinity, where a man is supposed to be tough and not be victimized by a woman or a girl. "There are ways our cultural lessons about gender silence the men who are victims and, frankly, the cultural ideas about sexual violence silence victims regardless of gender," she continued. "There's a lot of work to be done to create communities for victims."

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel. Die darin zitierte Untersuchung wird in der Geschlechterdebatte entweder ignoriert werden oder in der feministischen Rhetorik als "dubiose Studie von Männerrechtlern" landen, die selbstverständlich nichts anderes im Sinn hat, als die sexuelle Gewalt an Frauen zu relativieren.

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