Samstag, September 21, 2013

Universität Toronto will Männerrechtler für feministischen Vandalismus zahlen lassen

Als an der Universität Toronto die Anwälte von Jungen und Männer in mehreren Vorträgen auf deren Anliegen aufmerksam machten, geschah dies nicht ohne massive Proteste und Übergriffe fanatisierter Feministinnen. (Genderama berichtete mehrfach, beispielsweise hier.) Jetzt will die Universität Toronto den Männerrechtlern, also den Opfern dieser Ausschreitungen, die dabei entstandenen Kosten aufbürden – was zu neuem feministischen Vandalismus geradezu einladen würde:

It has recently been announced here that the administration of the University of Toronto has decided to impose a fee of $964.00 on the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) in order to cover the additional security needs caused by criminal elements within the University of Toronto Student’s Union. This is in relation to an upcoming lecture by Dr. Miles Groth on September 27 on the need for men’s issues groups in colleges.

As we have seen in three lectures on issues affecting men and boys since Warren Farrell spoke at U of T November 16 of last year on the Boy Crisis, the student’s union has planned, organized and executed multiple illegal acts including vandalism, assault, blocking doors, verbal harassment of lecture attendees and pulling fire alarms.

The university administration has decided that the way to handle this problem is not to pursue disciplinary and criminal actions against the students and others committing these acts, but to actually fine the victims – namely CAFE and those seeking to attend their events and participate in the peaceful and lawful exchange of ideas.

Hier geht es weiter.

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