Mittwoch, August 07, 2013

Erin Pizzey: "Die Menschenrechte von Männern und angebliche Hate Speech"

Erin Pizzey, die Begründerin des ersten Frauenhauses für Opfer häuslicher Gewalt, kommentiert die anhaltenden Ausgrenzungsversuche, die gegenüber Männerrechtlern stattfinden, sobald diese über Diskriminierung sprechen möchten:

Just recently there has been a concerted effort by radical feminists to attack any man who dares question their rule of law over all areas of our lives. This domination takes in all social media: television, newspapers, websites and magazines. I have seen screeds of radical feminist rhetoric on the internet that talk about castrating men, killing baby boys and make outrageous threats against transsexuals. Yet, when men finally begin to stand up and talk about the international violence against them at the hands of these radical feminists and the agencies and courts they control, these very same women are able to deem anything they say as a ‘hate crime.’ There is, in fact, a largely invisible war raging as men and men’s groups gather together to oppose the whole radical feminist movement and its own ‘hate speech.’

Hier geht es weiter.

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