Samstag, März 16, 2013

Großbritannien: Deutlich mehr Männer outen sich als Opfer sexueller Gewalt – Unterstützung gibt es kaum

In Großbritannien outen sich stellenweise mehr als dreimal so viele Männer als Opfer sexueller Gewalt wie noch vor fünf Jahren – und die Unterstützergruppen werden finanziell ausgehungert, weil die zuständige Ministerin die staatlichen Gelder nur an Gruppen gibt, die weibliche Opfer betreuen:

The number of men seeking help after being sexually abused has soared – and victims’ groups fear the effects of the Jimmy Savile scandal will push the numbers even higher. A counselling service for male victims of sexual assault said the number of men it helps has more than trebled in the last five years.

And Brighton-based Mankind said it expects more to come forward following the Savile revelations. The organisation is one of only a handful of organisations helping male victims of sexual violence in Britain but it has been snubbed by the Government for support. Minister Helen Grant announced £4 million in funding to open four new rape crisis centres and secure 65 existing centres.

But Martyn Sullivan, the chief executive of Mankind Counselling in Brighton, said: "We welcome any funding that supports victims of rape and sexual abuse but it saddens us that yet again little thought has been given to adult male survivors of sexual crimes. The Government’s own figures estimates that 1 in 9 males have suffered childhood sexual abuse and 1 in 29 have experienced rape in adulthood. With this decision, they have chosen to ignore the 3.8 million actual men and boys that these figures represent. Male specific agencies were excluded from the Rape Support Fund last year and it looks like the same thing has happened again."

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