Samstag, Dezember 29, 2012

Großbritannien: Partei antifeministischer Männerrechtler strebt ins Parlament

Die Daily Mail berichtet:

Male rights campaigners are setting up an anti-feminist political party and plan to stand against Harriet Harman and other prominent feminists at the next General Election.

The ‘men power’ is being orchestrated by Mike Buchanan, 55, a former business consultant who opposes tokenism and says ‘our political elite has become detached from reality with its state- sponsored feminism’.

Mr Buchanan is not some fruitcake of the Monster Raving Loony party ilk. A bookish fellow from Bath, full of statistics, he has recently given evidence to a parliamentary select committee.

He has also been interviewed on Radio 4 and has spoken at political party conference fringe events about the Establishment’s demands for more women in boardrooms.

Mr Buchanan chairs the Merit In Business campaign, which wants company directors appointed on ability rather than gender. He also argues that men’s jobs and men’s health have been imperilled by officialdom’s default feminism.

‘I now have the money in place, donated by supporters, to register a political party,’ he says.

‘Feminism is a reason for many male outcomes in modern Britain being poor. Male suicides are 3.7 times higher. More than 60  per cent of public-sector workers are women, 90 per cent of homeless people are men, 60 per cent of university students are female. For every seven people registered as unemployed, four are men.

‘Spending on diagnosing male-specific cancers is small compared with that on female- specific cancers.’

Mr Buchanan has yet to decide on a name for his party but says: ‘We will be neither Left nor Right.

Although feminism obviously has Left-wing roots, the working class has suffered most from it. Militant feminism has assaulted the family, too.’

Mr Buchanan is thinking of putting up a candidate against David Cameron. He accuses the Prime Minister of ‘pursuing the hate-filled agendas of Harriet Harman and her ilk’.

‘Female-on-male domestic violence is as common as male-on-female, yet the provision of sheltered housing for women hugely exceeds that for men,’ he says. ‘Militant feminism is largely funded by government domestic-violence grants. Yet feminists continue to moan about “the patriarchy”.’

Hier findet man den Artikel, den ich diesmal im Volltext zitiert habe, im Original.

(Mike Buchanan, Mike Buchanan ... den Namen hab ich doch gelegentlich auch schon mal von einem aus unseren Reihen gehört ...)

In Großbritannien scheint sich (ähnlich wie übrigens in Australien) deutlich mehr in Sachen Gleichberechtigung für Männer zu entwickeln als im feministisch mumifizierten Deutschland – ich erinnere nur mal an den Erfolg, den die britischen Väterrechtler im Sommer erkämpften. Kann man sich vorstellen, dass eine deutsche Zeitung, die von der Auflage her der Daily Mail vergleichbar ist, einen ähnlich ausführlichen Artikel über eine deutsche Gruppe von Männerrechtlern veröffentlicht? Artikel dagegen: immer gerne. Die Leute selbst zu Wort kommen lassen: auf gar keinen Fall! Da ist man sich von "taz" bis "Zeit" einig. Muss Deutschland wirklich immer erst von anderen Staaten beigebracht bekommen, wie Demokratie aussieht?

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