Montag, August 03, 2009

Südafrika: Hilfsfonds nicht mehr nur für weiße Mädchen

'A multimillion-rand educational trust bequeathed by the industrialist and politician Sir Charles George Smith - for the benefit of "European girls born of British/South African or Dutch/South African parents" - will now benefit young women of all races.

This is after the University of KwaZulu-Natal, which manages the trust, applied successfully to the High Court to amend Sir Charles's will, saying that the bequest was an "embarrassment" and could expose it to Equality Court proceedings.

(…) "More than half of the students attending the university now cannot be classified as white. In addition, the university has policies that are non-discriminatory."'

So sieht die Welt ohne Diskriminierung aus: Wohltätigkeit nicht ausschließlich für weiße Mädchen, sondern auch für schwarze.

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