Montag, Juni 18, 2007

Stehen Frauen über dem Gesetz?

Auf der Website von Wendy McElroys „individual feminists“ nimmt Carey Roberts das Heckmeck um Paris Hilton zum Aufhänger für einen Essay über die geschlechtsbezogene Einseitigkeit der Justiz::

When a female high school teacher deflowers a student, she gets a judicial wrist-slap. When a wife kills her husband, it's the dependable Battered Woman Syndrome defense to the rescue. When a woman falsely accuses a man of abuse and destroys his reputation and career, the chivalrous prosecutor turns the other cheek. If a mother tries to alienate a child from his dad, that's "protecting the child from a domineering father." And when a woman kills her unborn child, she's exercising her constitutional right to privacy.

Hier findet man den kompletten Text.


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