Samstag, Juni 23, 2007

England: Weiße Jungen "vom Erziehungssystem im Stich gelassen"

Die „Jungenkrise“, also das schlechtere Abschneiden von Jungen im Schulunterricht, ist kein rein deutsches Problem. In Großbritannien kommt interessanterweise ein weiterer Faktor dazu: Weiße Jungs schneiden schlechter ab als solche mit Migrationshintergrund, beispielsweise chinesischer oder indischer Herkunft.

White boys are being turned into an unemployable underclass - as they fall behind children from other racial groups at school, new research shows. Almost half of all children leaving school without any good GCSEs are white British males, according to figures published today. They outnumber white girls by two to one and have vastly inferior reading and writing skills at the age of 11.

Das berichtet der Daily Telegraph. Diesem Artikel zufolge könnte Diskriminierung, die Jungs in der Schule erfahren, auch dafür verantwortlich sein, dass sie in ihrem späteren Leben häufiger kriminell werden:

Researchers also warn that schools inadvertently discriminated against boys by failing to improve their literacy skills at an early age. "If boys do worse than girls at early stages, this may be part of the explanation of their later worse performance," the study says. (…) There is a clear link between failure at school and a life of crime, the authors say. "Only about a fifth of the lowest achievers go on to a further education college and acquire any other sort of education or training. Many of them have few prospects in the jobs market. Not surprisingly, they may end up unemployed and vulnerable, and a proportion will become single parents or involved in drugs and crime."

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