Donnerstag, Juni 11, 2015

Samuel L. Jackson: Gesundheitsprobleme von Männern erhalten zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit

Der britische "Independent" hat den Schauspieler Samuel L. Jackson zu seinem Engagement als Botschafter der Wohltätigkeitsorganisation One for the Boys interviewt. Jackson zufolge kommen Männer in unserer Gesellschaft zu kurz:

Women are much more open about their health and almost expected to discuss it, but society still puts too much pressure on men to be tough guys. But being tough shouldn’t mean suffering in silence. We have to stop the perception that getting ill means you are weak or lacking toughness.

(...) Cancer touches us all. I’ve had many male friends who have passed away from cancer over the years and I’ve had many others who’ve had serious scares. Yet men tend not to pay enough attention to bumps and pains and often don’t have much knowledge at all about the risks or symptoms of cancer. One For The Boys goes about changing that. You know, it’s still a big surprise to many men to even know they can get breast cancer.

(...) There are so many great and important events focusing on things like breast cancer, but this one stands out as it’s such a high-profile event for male focused issues. We are putting some blue into what is often a very pink conversation. We have a huge line up of people from film, sports, fashion and the arts coming. And rather than having models walk the catwalk we get a load of the male celebrities attending to do it.

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