Donnerstag, März 26, 2015

Psychology Today sieht Wendepunkt erreicht: "Wir nehmen endlich Notiz von den Problemen von Jungen"

In a recent op-ed piece titled "When Liberals Blew It," (...) New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof — himself an outspoken progressive, especially on women’s and girls’ issues worldwide — wrote of the anger among liberals generated by a report written for the Department of Labor by Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1965. In this report (which became famous), Moynihan stated that a major impediment to black advancement in America was the breakdown of the family. Kristof wrote, "He argued presciently and powerfully that the rise of single-parent households would make poverty more intractable."

It’s that word "presciently" that stands out to me. If you are ahead of your time and you go against the prevailing view — which for liberals was that institutional racism alone was responsible for poverty in the black community — you are going to get hammered for it, as Moynihan was. But while no intelligent person could then or now deny the continuing effects of institutional racism, it’s hard to argue that widespread father absence is good for any subculture.

I write of this as an analogy to another situation — though a closely related one — the importance of which may finally be on the cusp of mainstream acceptance: It’s the fact that on most measures American boys and young men today are not doing as well as girls and young women. Actually, this is not just true in our country, but throughout the developed world.

Hier geht es weiter.

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