Freitag, März 06, 2015

Mütter setzen sich für ihre Söhne ein – und ernten den Zorn radikaler Feministinnen

Die Publizistin Leslie Loftis widmet einen Artikel den Frauen, die vom Feminismus ausgegrenzt werden. Hier einige Auszüge:

I can still remember when the feminist line was "women don't need any help from men". Now the new line is #HeForShe, a hashtag encompassing the new calls for men to assist women – at least in theory.

(...) Regarding the mentioned parenting responsibilities, there are groups like Leading Women for Shared Parenting (of which I am a member). As the name suggests, we advocate for balanced parenting. The group formed in response to the growing but ignored body of research confirming the significant advantages to children of father involvement even while the trend of parental alienation continued. In part from our efforts, there are shared parenting laws pending in 18 US states. We have members all over the world, including the UK.

In the US, there is a commission full of women seeking to establish a White House Council for Men and Boys to address the host of ignored male problems, from education to the male suicide rate, which recently made headlines in the UK. (The US picture is similar.) Other groups address specific issues. For instance, regarding equal rights, we have FACE, Families Advocating for Campus Equality. It was formed after mothers banded together after their sons were expelled from university due to false rape accusations.

There is a certain type of woman commonly found in these groups: mothers of sons. We see the ruling culture harms our sons and silences them when they speak for themselves. Culture shrugs – as if “privileged patriarchs”could have problems, many assume.

Since these boys’ mothers are women, however, we are not so easily silenced. Declared feminists have made it clear, women’s ideas are not to be challenged. Hampered by their own preaching, to defend against mothers of sons, declared feminists must resort to isolation and shame.

(...) Just last month, psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Celi was refused a seat on a panel on domestic violence because she would have discussed male victims of domestic violence. Note, that panel was in Australia. The problem is worldwide.

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