Donnerstag, März 19, 2015

Frauenkonferenz bei den Jesuiten: "Jede dritte College-Studentin wird vergewaltigt"

A Jesuit school is hosting its first-ever "Women’s Day Conference" this weekend and telling attendees that "1 in 3 college women are raped."

(...) The keynote speaker will be Shelly Conner, a Loyola English instructor who has written previously that all men have a secret desire to rape women in their sleep.

In an article for The Feminist Wire titled "Don’t Get Caught Sleeping: Male Desire of Unconscious Women," Conner argued that men are taught that sex is better when women are in a passive state.

"Not only are young boys taught that it is their duty to initiate sexual contact with women, it is also presented that it should occur when women are in their most passive states," wrote Conner, whose Loyola page lists interests including "Queer of colour analysis."

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel.

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