Donnerstag, Januar 22, 2015

Alison Wolf: Feministinnen sind zu besessen von ihrer eigenen Elite

Auch in Großbritannien treiben Feministinnen die Einführung einer Frauenquote für Führungspositionen an. Die Wirtschaftswissenschaftlerin Alison Wolf erklärt im Guardian, was davon zu halten ist:

Feminist cries for action have seen a resurgence of late, notably in calls for quotas on company boards. Large numbers of very successful women feel that life is profoundly sexist and unfair. Feminism has always and inevitably been driven by the educated and well-connected, but today’s feminists are also obsessed with their own elite, metropolitan lives. This is deeply depressing.

(...) A number of countries have introduced quotas for large public companies; but only one, to date, has enacted major sanctions for miscreants, and has a good many years’ experience with quotas. That is Norway, where 40% representation is required and enforced. And the result? The policy has done nothing whatsoever for the female labour market generally. It has had no impact on female pay and promotion prospects in the companies concerned. It has had no positive impact on company profits either: replacing privileged men with privileged women doesn’t seem to pay any “diversity” benefits. What Norway now has is a new group of "golden skirts": a small group of women who are very rich indeed.

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