Montag, Dezember 22, 2014

"Neue Welle von Männerrechtlern sorgt für Aufsehen"

Immer noch formt sich alle paar Monate eine neue Bewegung, die dafür eintritt, nicht nur die feministische Seite in der Geschlechterdebatte zu sehen. Nach Initiativen wie den Men Going Their Own Way und den Women Against Feminism erregen nun die "Meninists" für einige Aufmerksamkeit:

A new wave of men have joined forces to openly call out gender stereotypes ... but it may not be what you think.

So called 'meninists' or 'menimists' (both are apparently accepted) are a new trend of men who predominantly aim to point out the double standards women themselves set and make light of a range of gender issues - whether warranted or not.

The validity to a number of their arguments varies - from stopping prejudice against guys who fall just shy of 6 foot to only having a 'women in history' section in libraries.

But it does shine light on a number of gender issues that do in fact fall in a female's favour.

Hier geht es weiter.

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