Freitag, November 28, 2014

Meta-Studie: Männer und Frauen erleben gleiches Ausmaß von Aggressionen am Arbeitsplatz

A systematic review of the available literature has revealed that there is no significant difference in the prevalence of verbal abuse in the workplace between men and women.

Stephane Guay from the Institut universitaire de santé mentale de Montréal in Quebec, Canada, looked into all previous research on verbal abuse in the workplace that primarily took victims' sex into account.

After a rigorous selection process, 29 of the 90 identified studies were considered, most of which (24) were carried out in the health sector.

"The results demonstrate that the majority of studies (15 of 29) reported no significant difference in the prevalence between men and women," Guay noted.

(...) Among the studies that show significant differences, a majority conclude that men are more at risk (11 studies) than women (5 studies).

Über die kanadische Studie berichten putzigerweise vor allem indische Zeitungen wie die Economic Times und die Hindustan Times.

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