Samstag, Juni 14, 2014

#EndFathersDay und #WhitesCantBeRaped: Feministinnen fallen auf Twitter-Parodien rein

Aufgrund immer absurderer feministischer Parolen auf Twitter wurden in den letzten Tagen als Parodie darauf #EndFathersDay getweetet. Es dauerte nicht lange, bis Feministinnen darauf einstiegen, dem Unsinn erfreut applaudierten und ihn weiterverbreiteten. Das männerpolitische Blog Toy Soldiers berichtet:

It was a stroke of incredible genius on the part the 4chan commenter who created it. It appears the point was to con feminists into retweeting it. And they did. Enough to get make the hashtag trend worldwide.

Als Beispiel zeigt "Toy Soldiers" einen Tweet, der #EndFathersDay mit dem Kommentar unterstützte: "Wer braucht schon wirklich einen Vater? Junge brauchen niemanden, der ihnen das Vergewaltigen beibringt." Dieses Statement wurde 253 Mal geteilt.

Hm, woher kommt nur dieser fürchterliche Antifeminismus in unserer Gesellschaft?

"Toy Soldiers" kommentiert weiter:

Eventually feminists did realize they had been duped. But not before making complete fools of themselves. Instead of taking responsibility for the feminists who took the hashtag seriously or calling out the inherent misandry in the feminist movement, feminists instead are upset that people thought feminists created the hashtag. And it is not only about #EndFathersDay. 4chan graced Twitter with #WhitesCantBeRaped and it too was taken seriously by many feminists and progressives.

Yes, there are plenty of feminists and progressives who called foul. Yet there seems to be far more who did not. Feminists are upset that people think they created the hashtag. But why? Are #EndFathersDay and #WhitesCantBeRaped any different from #NotAllMen and #KillAllMen, two hashtags created by feminists?

That brings us back to Poe’s Law. Without a blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of extremism or fundamentalism that someone will not mistake for the real thing.

That is exactly what happened here. Not only did non-feminists think feminists created the hashtags, actual feminists thought feminists created them as well.

For all the men’s rights bashing feminists engage in, nothing is a better indictment of the modern feminist movement than how feminists responded to the #EndFathersDay hashtag.That they joined in and attacked men for being fathers and then whined about people assuming they created the hashtag is the perfect example of what modern feminism is about: misandry.

Ironically, this is not the first time 4chan conned feminists into revealing their true attitudes about men. The group did it last year with #INeedMasculismBecause. That one prompted thousands of feminists to trip over themselves mocking men.

Feminists can complain that they did not create the hashtag, and that is a fair argument. However, that everyone assumed that they did should make feminists rethink their message. When your rhetoric is so extreme that people cannot tell when someone is mocking you, there is a problem.

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