Montag, Juli 13, 2015

"Warum Schwule den Feminismus nicht brauchen"

While there is a large number of gay people, often involved in LGBT activism, who – through a combination of fear, political convenience or just plain old ignorance – are content to huddle obediently on the coattails of feminism as it stomps its destructive path through our social, political, legal, educational and media institutions, there is also a significant number of gay men who are under no illusions about the true nature of feminism and are outraged that their own rights movement is so closely, consistently and publicly associated with it.

One of the many gay men who weren’t buying what Steinem was selling had this to say in the comments section of the website that conducted the original interview:

"Women have had equal rights for years. Modern day feminists are seeking female supremacy. It’s really quite disgusting that an allegedly gay-oriented site would compare a legitimate civil rights movement to the nonsensical, insane ideology that is feminism. They’re not the same thing, not in any sense. Feminists are some of the worst enemies gay men will ever encounter."

(...) Feminists believe that men and boys are naturally evil, and our governing institutions agree with them – so, apparently, does LGBT, because allying with feminism can only mean that they support this kind of hateful, anti-male propaganda. Perhaps they see it as anti-straight male propaganda, which somehow makes it OK. If that’s the case, then LGBT has forfeited whatever credibility it may have had to lecture anybody about the sins of bigotry, prejudice and discrimination.

The goals of feminism and the gay rights movement may look identical to Gloria Steinem, but to keen observers of what feminists actually say and do – as opposed to the thumbnail definition in whatever dictionary they insist on waving in the faces of unbelievers – their goals and interests could not possibly be more diametrically opposed. One would have thought that the fact that feminists loathe men to the point where they will stand back in silence whenever one of their own suggests, culling, exterminating or genetically modifying the male population in order to solve what they call ‘the man problem’ would have alerted gay men who identify as feminists to the fact that feminist ideology is not their friend.

(...) The MHRM [Men's Human Rights Movement] doesn’t have a Gay Division, or a Non-white Division, an Other-abled Division or, mercifully, a Feminist Division. This is because the MHRM is not about division. It is about unity – unity among men, and the women who love them, to address issues that impact the rights and welfare of men and boys, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, ability, political affiliations or sexual orientation.

(...) I participate in the MHRM, not as a gay man, but as a person, with a deep conviction that men and boys matter as much as everybody else. As such, I have always been accepted in this movement as a man who is concerned that men and boys are confronting urgent issues that deserve to be addressed honestly and openly, without being constantly derailed, marginalized, ridiculed, demonized and misrepresented by feminists and their enablers.

The sexual orientation of MHRAs, like their sex, race, religion and ethnicity is ultimately irrelevant to the credibility of their perspectives. Being gay does not give a MHRA any special insight into the devastating impact that feminism has wrought onto the gay rights movement. Anyone who can read and conduct research can reach similar conclusions to mine. Being gay simply makes this particular issue more personal – nothing more. The fact that feminists have gained such complete control over the political wing of the gay rights movement – and uses organizations like LGBT to attack its ideological opponents, like the MHRM – makes it an issue worth addressing.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel. Er ist lang und noch dazu der erste von vier Teilen, aber relevant für jeden, der sich für die Rolle interessiert, die Angehörige sexueller Minderheiten in der Männerrechtsbewegung spielen können.

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