Donnerstag, Juli 23, 2015

"Es gibt keine transsexuellen Dinosaurier in 'Jurassic World' – und das ist ein Problem"

I can't believe what I've just seen! It makes me want to hurl! I think it's disgusting that movie studios think they can get away with anything because they've got money and power. Movies need to start talking about the important issues and not just be a playground for white straight males and their stupid fantasies.

So, anyway, I went to see this new movie that came out called Jurassic world. It's a story about dinosaurs and it's apparently a continuaton of some films that came out in the 90's or whatever. I went with this geeky male friend I have who promised to take me out to dinner afterwards, so I was like, whatever, and went with him even though I'm not that into dinosaurs.

So anyway we sat down in the cinema, slurped some soda, fondled some popcorn and waited for the movie to start. When it did, I knew I was in for a hell of a chauvinistic ride. Firstly, the protagonist of the film is male, white and straight (SURPRISED?). Played by Chiss Pratt, this dude is really adventurous and brave and shit, and is really portrayed in a good light. They kept all the good sides of the male stereotype in and removed the catcalling, the hitting women and the raping that women and transfolk are subjected to on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the (white!) female lead is submissive, passive and far too attractive to make women feel comfortable watching her. Why couldn't they have made her into a kickass, strong, fierce kinda ugly, sassy black woman who rides dinosaurs and takes names? It would have been so simple to make such a tiny tweak and make the movie safe to watch for everyone in the process.

Hier geht es weiter.


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