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A Voice for Men: Wie Feministinnen die Homo-Bewegung kaperten

Der zweite Teil der Serie "Warum Schwule keinen Feminismus brauchen" des homosexuellen Männerrechtlers Andy Bob steht online. Ein Auszug (Quellenangaben im Originalbeitrag):

It is little wonder that as early as 1976, renowned gay rights activist, John Lauritson, was already lamenting the fact that feminists had bullied their way into the gay rights movement, effectively marginalizing the gay men within it, and turning the gay rights movement into what he called "the fag end of feminism." John Lauriston ought to know because he was there when it happened. As a primary source for this phenomenon, it is imperative that his experiences and observations be presented in detail. Here is an excerpt from a speech he gave at the 4th Gay Academic Union Conference in the city of New York back in 1976:

"I remember a number of such [disruptions] in the early days of the Gay Liberation Front, in the fall of 1969. Women we had never seen before would come in and deliver tirades against the GLF men; they would say that not only were gay men more sexist or more male chauvinist than straight men, but men in GLF were among the worst of all. These charges were unfair and untrue [and] had a certain demoralizing effect. Some of the men felt that rather than acting against our oppressors … we should turn our attention inward to confront the enemy which was: Ourselves!"

At the first gay conference at Rutgers in 1970, the major panel on the last day was disrupted by a group of women who demanded that all proceedings come to a halt. They charged that the panel was "elitist" and "sexist" (although half of the panelists were women); their main ostensible grievance was that on a table in the hall, provided for leaflets and free literature, were copies of Gay newspaper, in which they had found a reproduction of a beautiful, lush, reclining female nude, painted in the style of classic romanticism. This, they charged, was designed to titillate men, and was degrading to women. Overlooked was the fact that the picture illustrated an article written by a lesbian.

The conference organizers were cruelly attacked, apparently for the sin of not having policed and censored the free literature table. It was a senseless, abusive, and thuggish disruption. For the most specious of reasons, a beautiful and mellow gay conference – one of the very first – had been turned into a nightmare.

One could go on and on. I imagine most of the people in this room [at the 4th Gay Academic Union Conference] have witnessed or read accounts of similar disruptions. There was the first international gay liberation conference in Edinburgh, where women discovered evidence of "sexism" and demanded that the conference change its focus from legislative reform to "confronting sexism".

(...) For gay men, the most damaging result of the feminist takeover of the gay rights movement was the imposition of feminist theory onto how gay men should perceive and define themselves. It seems almost custom-designed to instill self-loathing and guilt. In a nutshell, it is built on one achingly familiar reductionist feminist maxim: Lesbians Good, Gay Men Bad – very bad.

(...) As Lauritson chillingly predicted, feminists did indeed "enlist gay men as agents in the fight against males and maleness" – especially straight males. None of this has anything to do with gay rights, but everything to do with fulfilling feminist agendas which they have never been shy about expressing and promoting. It is always an added bonus for feminists if they can create division between men of different sexual orientations by manipulating us into adversarial positions and pitting us against each other. It works to everyone’s advantage but our own.

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