Dienstag, Juni 16, 2015

Richter schreitet ein: Mutter, die ihren Sohn entführte, manipulierte die Medien

Normalerweise wird die Mitleidsnummer erfolgreich eingesetzt, wenn es darum geht, mediale Unterstützung gegen die bösen Männer zu sichern. Aber diesmal ging es schief, weil ein Richter unbeeindruckt dazwischen geht:

Runaway mother Rebecca Minnock has been accused by a senior judge of devising a "publicity stunt" to try to get her three-year-old son, Ethan, to reside with her.

Judge Stephen Wildblood QC said Minnock, who handed herself in to police on Friday, had attempted to manipulate the media by going into hiding and allowing details of her bitter residence battle to be made public.

Wildblood said his first priority now was to "sort out future arrangements" for Ethan, who is back residing with his father, Roger Williams.

He added he might then have to deal with Minnock for breaching terms of previous court orders, and he said he would also find a way of making sure she was not able to further manipulate the press.

Hier geht es weiter.

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