Samstag, April 18, 2015

"Kill all men" - Britische Politikerin outet sich als Radikalfeministin

Die männerpolitische Website Hequal berichtet:

The scandal began with a Tweet by Sarah Noble, who openly boasted of her proposal at the conference expressing the "need to remove men from society". Such a hateful statement seemingly calling for the genocide of men isn’t too out of the ordinary in more extremist feminist circles. However, we discovered that Sarah sits on no less than three Liberal Democrat executive committees and also a a fourth position on the policy committee of Liberal Youth, and thus gets to influence policy for a major UK political party. In addition to its hateful content, the timing of the tweet is also unfortunate with the story mushrooming just as the Lib Dems launch their 2015 General Election campaign. Interestingly, Sarah also holds a senior position in administering a feminist block bot on Twitter that blocks and smears the likes of Richard Dawkins and Brian Cox amongst countless others, and we’ll have more on that subject that in our next article.

Wie Hequal weiter berichtet, führten die Proteste der Männerrechtler inzwischen dazu, dass Sarah Noble von zumindest einem Parteiamt suspendiert wurde. (Ja, ich weiß, in Deutschland liest sich das wie eine Fantasy-Geschichte.) Aber natürlich wird auch in Großbritannien gemauert:

Obviously we welcome the developments at the Yorkshire and Humber Lib Dems, unfortunately other party bodies have been far less helpful and highly evasive, failing to respond to any of our communications, presumably in the hope the story will just go away despite the huge interest. (...)

At HEqual we certainly welcome Swinson’s condemnation of Noble’s hate speech and also her call for the posts to be removed. However, we broke this story over a fortnight ago, and at the time of writing there has been no apology from Noble, nor has a single one of the Tweets in question been removed. As far as we know, Noble is still a member of the Lib Dems, and still sits on three our of four of the Lib Dem committees in question. Therefore, contrary to Swinson’s claims, the genocidal hate speech in question clearly is representative of the Liberal Democrats at present, and it remains as such for as long as the party has sitting committee members who make and stand by such comments.

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