Dienstag, Januar 20, 2015

Robyn Urback: "Sollte man Männer überhaupt noch sprechen lassen?"

Auf die vor kurzem von Feministinnen erhobenen Forderungen, man solle im Unterricht und bei öffentlichen Veranstaltungen das erste Wort grundsätzlich von einer Frau sprechen lassen, reagiert die Journalistin Robyn Urback in der kanadischen National Post:

The classroom of progress, according to Saint Mary’s University management professor Judy Haiven, might look something like this:

Professor: "Class, can anyone tell me the three “R’s” of marketing?"

Jenna, Jane and Tommy put up their hands

Professor: "Yes, Jenna?"

Jenna: "I don’t know, but traditional marketing thrives by reinforcing oppressive heteronormative ideals."

Professor: "Excellent answer, Jenna. Yes, Jane?"

Jane: "Can I go to the bathroom?"

Professor: "Yes, Jane. Anyone else? Sally? Mary —Yes, Tommy, I see your hand — Jessica? Kathy? No? OK, well, l guess you can go ahead, Tommy, but keep your eyes on the floor."

The future is just so enlightened, isn’t it?

(...) It’s an interesting idea, but the system as proposed by the panelists ignores the systematic oppression of gay voices and/or the perspectives of the physically disabled. To which point; should a lesbian woman of colour get to speak first in the classroom? What about a trans woman in a wheelchair? And indeed, we’d need some sort of ranking system to determine which racialized communities are most oppressed, and thus, deserve first crack at the classroom discussion. Their voices are too often silenced in mainstream discussion, so the thinking goes; we must right this wrong in the university classroom, isolated from the cruel prejudices of the real world. Oh for Christ’s sake, Tommy, put down your hand.

(...) We should also consider male quotas for professional programs — even though women are currently earning two-thirds of medical degrees and a majority of law degrees — to skew the gender ratio in fields like engineering and sciences. McGill University, among others, used this sort of quota system to control the numbers of Jews in its professional programs up until the Second World War; who’s to say the same sort of thing wouldn’t work now?

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel. Angesichts des Feminismus im Jahr 2015 geht es vermutlich wirklich nicht ohne Satire.

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