Donnerstag, November 13, 2014

Whoopi Goldberg: "Diese Frau hat eine Ohrfeige verdient" (Video)

The women of "The View" weighed in on a now-viral video of a New York City subway brawl on Wednesday, arguing that the woman who was slapped by the man in the footage might have gotten what she deserved.

The video, posted to YouTube on Saturday under the title "Man smacks the soul out of girl on the NY Subway," shows a woman taunting a man on the train, making fun of his style and calling him "stupid." When the woman smacks the man on the head, he turns around and ferociously slaps her in the face, spawning a messy, sprawling brawl in the subway car.

Whoopi Goldberg began the discussion, warning her audience: "I'm about to piss you off."

“If you slap anybody -- but particularly women -- if you slap, put your hands on somebody, you cannot be guaranteed that he’s not going to slap the [blank] out of you," she said.

Goldberg has a history of making similar claims, arguing earlier this year that Jay Z had "the right" to hit Solange Knowles back during their now-infamous elevator fight.

Hier geht es weiter.

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