Freitag, August 22, 2014

USA: Neue Firma unterstützt Studenten gegen Beschuldigungen sexueller Übergriffe

As colleges and universities revise their sexual-assault policies and California considers applying the "affirmative consent" standard statewide, many more students could find themselves accused of sexual misconduct in campus disciplinary proceedings without traditional due-process protections.

A Boston-area startup aims to make sure that students accused of anything don’t have to play legal roulette or rely on a shoddy lawyer.

Bonnie and Jim Garaventi launched StudentDefend earlier this month after an "eye opening personal experience with one of our own children at college," Bonnie Garaventi said in an email to The College Fix. For $89 a year, the service gives subscribers access to a hotline that connects them immediately to a "prescreened defense attorney in their area," its website says.

Hier geht es weiter.

Siehe zum selben Thema: "Most males would never do anything to harm a young woman." – William Pollack, Harvard Medical School psychologist


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