Mittwoch, August 06, 2014

"Feministisches Wörterbuch" neuester Trend auf Twitter

Um Neulingen den Einstieg in die feministische Ideologie zu erleichtern, wurde unter dem Hashtag #FeministDictionary auf Twitter die Arbeit an einem Wörterbuch begonnen, das die wichtigsten Begriffe aus feministischer Perspektive schneller und pointierter erklärt, als es bislang etwa die Wikipedia tut. Wiewohl es kleinste Hinweise dafür gibt, dass nicht sämtliche Einträge dieses Wörterbuchs von Feministinnen selbst verfasst wurden, lassen viele von ihnen doch einen tiefen Einblick in die feministische Literatur sowie aktuelle Online-Debatten erkennen. Zu den ersten Definitionen gehören beispielsweise

Boys: Obstacles to the goals of girls, esp. in schools. May be removed without mercy. Useful source of tears, for baths.

Male tears: Bathwater.

Father: Jester in the Court of Mother. Optional, disposable, dangerous, or of dubious character and intelligence.

Contraception: Birth-control, failure of which must oblige womyn nothing (choice) and males permanent servitude.

Feminist: Woman who wants everything a man has but none of his responsibilities

Sexual harassment: When a man, who doesn't meet your financial or looks expectations, speaks to you.

Compliments: Verbal rape.

Chauvinist: 1) Man who offers to pay for your dinner & drinks, 2) Man who doesn't offer to pay for dinner & drinks.

Oppression: I am sad and angry that you have opinions that aren't mine.

Equality: The same salary while working fewer hours.

Male: 1) Disgusting creatures responsible for every single wrong in the world, 2) For use when lifting heavy loads.

Rape accusation: Character development opportunity for men.

Schrodingers rapist: Man until he commits a rape, then he's just a rapist.

Best Interests of the Child: Whatever secures highest income for mother.

Marriage: Archaic institution created by cismen to enslave womyn and force them to breed, cook and cater to cismen.

Kitchen: Auschwitz.

Womyn: Naturally superior of the human species, historically enslaved and forced to breed by men.

Housewife: Enslaved woman who has been brainwashed into believing she is "in love."

Fucking Scum: Man who goes to hear a speech on male suicide and health issues.

Genderama wünscht dem Redaktionsteam dieses Wörterbuches weiterhin viel Erfolg!


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