Montag, August 04, 2014

Bangladesh: "Vergewaltigung – die männliche Perspektive"

The topic of rape is a taboo and hardly ever spoken about in family settings in Bangladesh, and even in those rare situations when it is talked about, people almost exclusively refer to women being raped by men. The concept of male rape is entirely alien in this country. People typically have no idea that it is even possible for a man to be raped, and hence the subject is virtually never discussed in contemporary Bangladeshi society. Statistically, the victim of one in every ten rapes is a man. This number is much higher than most people think it is, and it is probably still too low, as men are even less likely to report rapes than women.

There are many misconceptions people have regarding the issue of male rape. As a result, male rape victims in Bangladesh face much confusion, frustration, and trauma.

Hier geht es weiter.

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