Freitag, Mai 30, 2014

Kanada: Konzert von Männerrechtlern abgesagt

The Globe and Mail berichtet:

A concert organized by a men’s rights group on the Toronto Islands this weekend has been cancelled by the venue’s manager, which felt that the event would become too political.

The Canadian Association for Equality planned the festival at Artscape Gibraltar Point to mark what it was calling E-Day, a day to promote men’s parental rights in partnership and marriage breakdowns. Specifically, the day was supposed to support Bill C-560, which calls for an amendment to Canada’s Divorce Act that would instruct judges to apply shared parenting unless there is proven neglect or abuse.

Artscape, a creative non-profit organization, cancelled the event after a flurry of e-mails and Facebook posts indicated that attendees might get political, which goes against the organization’s policy, said its communications director, Liz Kohn.

"The premise of the event as it was given to us was a fair and equitable event that was family-friendly and a lovely music festival,” she said. “It has since turned political and we anticipated that there could be health and safety concerns as well."

Mit dieser Absage können diejenigen triumphieren, die in Kanada schon seit einiger Zeit Agitation dagegen betreiben, dass die Anliegen beider Geschlechter gesehen werden – so wie in diesem Beitrag, der die Männerrechtsbewegung als "Hass-Bewegung" karikiert:

CAFE is advocating for the idea that men, as much as women, face systemic oppression and systemic obstacles and are as equally (if not more greatly) disadvantaged as a result of the expectations placed on men and as a result of the alleged "triumph" of the feminist movement. They claim that rape culture does not exist and that false rape allegations are at least as great a problem as rape itself, they deny the gendered nature of rape and they claim that men are discriminated against by the family courts in custody disputes.

Now, of course, all of this is ludicrous. Several commentators in different forums have exposed how absurd their doctrine is. How it erases actual oppression suffered by men, everyday oppression centred around race, class and sexual orientation, and how it replaces these real oppressions with a false narrative of men being disadvantaged because they are men.

Diese Hetzrede geht so noch mehrere Absätze weiter mit unbelegten Behauptungen ("campaigns of outright intimidation against feminist activists", "the virulent American hate site A Voice for Men", "reactionary" etc.), sexistischen Formulierungen ("typically male vitriol"), die Verknüpfung von Männerrechtlern mit Elliot Rodger und so weiter. Die feministischen Übergriffe auf Männerrechtler an kanadischen Universitäten (Genderama berichtete mehrfach) werden selbstverständlich nicht erwähnt.

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