Donnerstag, Februar 13, 2014

USA: Frauen heiraten in Rekordzahlen "nach unten"

Das wachsende Bildungsgefälle zwischen Frauen und Männern hat in den USA inzwischen Auswirkungen auf den Partnermarkt:

A new survey by the Pew Research Center points out a milestone of sorts: For the first time, the percentage of women marrying a man with a lesser education is greater than the percentage of men marrying a woman with a lesser education. It's close, 21% vs. 20%, but expect the gap to widen—among newlyweds alone, the figures are 27% vs. 15%. The Los Angeles Times notes that in 1960, only about 7% of women fell into this category, but the number has risen steadily over the years as women have surpassed men in college graduation rates.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel.

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