Sonntag, Februar 23, 2014

Debatte um sexuelle Übergriffe an US-Hochschulen: Administratorin schlägt vor, Studenten schon bei Anschuldigung herauszuwerfen

But for some in attendance, including Amanda Childress, Sexual Assault Awareness Program coordinator at Dartmouth College, campus policies aren't going far enough to protect students. "Why could we not expel a student based on an allegation?" Childress asked at the panel, before noting that while 2 to 8 percent of accusations are unfounded (but not necessarily intentionally false), 90 to 95 percent are unreported, committed by repeat offenders, and intentional. "It seems to me that we value fair and equitable processes more than we value the safety of our students. And higher education is not a right. Safety is a right. Higher education is a privilege."

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Die Community of the Wrongly Accused kommentiert:

Childress's comment is the apotheosis of a chilling, and hateful, feminist philosophy that has flourished in recent years: when it comes to alleged sex offenses, we can assume guilt based on statistics -- since wrongful accusations supposedly rarely happen, concern about wrongful accusations, and about due process for the presumptively innocent, are not at all that important. We've recently seen that same twisted logic in feminist articles about Woody Allen where guilt was assumed based on an accusation, but the fact is, we see it all the time. All persons of good will need to speak out against this corrosive, unjust mindset.

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