Montag, Januar 13, 2014

Indische Männerrechtler verlangen Ministerium für Männer

A forum of NGOs working for men's rights has demanded that the party forming government after the Lok Sabha polls create a separate ministry and a national commission for the protection of men's rights in the wake of "misuse" of dowry laws and registration of "false" sexual harassment cases.

The National Coalition for Men (NCM), a coalition of about 50 organisations fighting for men's rights, has released a 10-point charter of demands to be considered by political parties for the Lok Sabha election.

NCM said they wanted to highlight the increasing rate of "innocent married and unmarried men" falling prey to "gender biased" laws.

Besides a ministry and a commission for men, the NCM's charter, named 'Men-I-Festo', included converting 'gender biased laws' to gender neutral ones, forming a task force to probe suicide by married men and a helpline number for men in distress, NCM president Amit Gupta told a news agency.

Hier geht es weiter.

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