Montag, Dezember 02, 2013

Studie: "Moderner Mann zu verängstigt, um sich in der Geschlechterdebatte noch zu äußern"

In Australien wurden kürzlich die Ergebnisse einer Untersuchung veröffentlicht, die mir für die westliche Welt insgesamt zuzutreffen scheinen:

Men support equality for women but are terrified of speaking out about gender issues for fear of being branded sexist, says the advertising giant Saatchi.

M&C Saatchi in Australia spent 8 months undertaking in depth interviews with 140 men and has come to the conclusion that men have been rendered voiceless by the media, by big brands and by feminism.

According to the advertising agency’s Australian CEO, James Leggett: "men have never lacked gender privilege or rights, but they still have the right to a voice an opinion ... there is no denying that sexist, domineering and ignorant individual men exist. They are the minority, yet are often positioned as representative of the majority. This is a massive injustice to the millions of good men in Australia."

What the researchers found when they gave Australian men a chance to voice their opinions is that "men feel like the sacrificial lambs used by women to blame for everything that is wrong in their lives and the world. Women, apparently, are never wrong."

(...) The report warns that the Modern [Aussie] Man is responding with silence as this seems to him like the only practical thing to do. "He’s silently closing down his voice and opinion and not sharing or making a song and dance about the things that hurt him, his insecurities or concerns. What is being lost, however, is his voice in meaningful discussion, for fear that dissent, action and comment around any gender topic (male or female) will be construed as sexist," say the authors.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Beitrag.

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