Dienstag, Mai 21, 2013

Israel: Bekannte Medienpersönlichkeit macht Falschbeschuldigungen gegen Väter zum Thema

Avri Gilad, ein Israeli, der wegen seiner Vielzahl bekannter Produktionen für Radio und TV selbst in dem Wikipedia-Artikel über ihn nicht mit einem Beruf, sondern als "Medienpersönlichkeit" bezeichnet wird, hat jetzt die Epidemie an Falschbeschuldigungen gegen Väter zum Thema gemacht:

"Every day I get e-mails from fathers whose natural right to see their children is denied them by social workers, courts, the police, and what not," Gilad wrote on his popular Facebook page, which is followed by more than 20,000 people. "They cry out and no one listens – sometimes they are even mocked.

"The feminist revolution, which I support wholeheartedly, is felling victims among my brothers, the divorced fathers. In the name of [fighting] thousands of years of discrimination, in the name of an injustice that was done in the past and is done in the present to millions of women in the world, by rapacious men who shame the male sex, the legal systems believe that it is okay to mow down good people, devoted fathers who divorced because they chose to, or because others chose so for them.

"I regret to say that there is a fad of submitting false accusations to the police regarding violence, the fear of violence, sexual abuse and other kinds of lies against good, loving and devoted fathers, whose only sin is that they did not get along with the woman with whom they thought they would live forever.

Hier geht es weiter.

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