Freitag, März 22, 2013

Feministin beichtet: "Wie der Feminismus mein Liebesleben ruiniert hat"

Dass der Feminismus das Liebesleben eines Menschen ruiniert habe, ist eine Klage, die man normalerweise von Männern hört. Auf den Seiten des amerikanischen "Good Men Project" outet sich jetzt auch die Journalistin Terri Trespicio mit entsprechenden Erfahrungen. Nachdem sie im ersten Absatz das obligatorische Loblied singt, wie viel der Feminismus Frauen doch gebracht habe (unter anderem scheint der Feminismus die Pille erfunden zu haben), berichtet Trespicio im Rest ihres Artikels über die hässlichen Auswirkungen dieser Ideologie auf ihr Leben – und auf das der Männer, mit denen Trespicio es zu tun bekam:

But there’s one area where feminism has not served me well. And that is dating. Why? Because, having been raised in the 80s, I came of age with the strong impression that men were basically up to no good. In the movies, TV shows, general cultural messages, men were by and large aggressive, incorrigible boors. They could hurt you. At the very least, they might get in your way. The good news was you probably didn’t need them.

(...) I’d heard about how girls were cowed by the boys in public schools. Girls who didn’t get a shot at leadership, or acted dumb. I felt bad for them. I was certainly better off. For instance, we never mooned about waiting for someone to ask us to a school dance because when our school hosted one, it was on us to do the inviting. Every day was Sadie Hawkins day. We were running the place. And we would run the world.

As students of Oak Knoll High School, we were weren’t just students. We were "women of promise." We were the promise of a better future. I took this as a promise not to let anything, or anyone, get in my way.

During our senior year, we were shown some horrible video about how to avoid being the unfortunate drunk girl who gets date raped at a frat party. Stay sober, stay smart, and if someone goes to rape you, run for ze hills, screaming your head off.

That was my prep for dealing with men.

I got the impression that I could, should, and would run circles around guys. I’d be smarter, stronger, and savvier. And I was sure as shit not going to let any of them hurt me. Probably a good idea not to let any even get near me.

And guess what? I succeeded. I sneered at, and even humiliated men as a teenager, and if a guy liked me, I fairly resented him for it. At 14, I had what might be considered my first boyfriend. I’d met him at a spelling bee (not kidding). After two daytime dates held within earshot of parental supervision, I invited him to a dance at the boys’ school.

Hier geht es weiter.

Gelobt sei der Heilige Feminismus. Auf der einen Seite fordert er sensiblere Männer, auf der anderen Seite züchtet er Frauen, die diesen sensibleren Männer kräftig in die Fresse hauen. Zuletzt leiden beide Geschlechter.

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