Mittwoch, Dezember 19, 2012

Amoklauf in Connecticut: Was ist aus unseren jungen Männern geworden?

Nachdem sich zumindest das erste Entsetzen über den Horror gelegt hat, der in Connecticut stattgefunden hat, erreicht dieses Thema auch die Geschlechterdebatte. Ich habe darauf verzichtet, auf Spekulationen zu verlinken, die erörtern, inwiefern die Mutter des Jungen, immerhin eines der Opfer, zu diesem Grauen beigetragen hat oder nicht, auch die kontrovers geführte Debatte zum Thema Autismus und dem Asperger-Syndrom erscheint mir für Genderama ungeeignet. Einen, wie ich finde, zitierenswerten Kommentar findet man allerdings auf den Seiten des Blogs Chicago Now:

This is really about the lost and degraded role of the male in today's western society. Two generations of young men have been instructed through school and culture that they are the "useless" and "dangerous" sex, not needed for much more than sperm donation; that they are predators; that they will have a diminished role in society, as rightly they should, given their sub-human perception and actions. So the boys on the margins, those whose father is not around, or worse, around and a menace, grow isolated, resentful and psychotic.

Young men are being shoved aside and out of many areas of main stream society. They are living up to the expectations that have been drilled into them since they could toddle across a room. Those expectations are mostly negative. Men, it is insisted, must change, must become more like women...or something. But they must not be male in the traditional sense, and in American culture that traditional sense used to mean honor, sacrifice and courage.

Is it any accident that so many of these mass killings take place in schools? Schools are the gateways to adulthood, and the first places where failure and success and socialization occur. Failure there, for the above mentioned reasons, represent the enemy of self. So what else to do: self defense: kill the parent, who created the mess that he is, and then all those who were not accepting of this affected young man. Then, often, he kills himself, because, in his world, his life work is done. His expected, failing role completed.

Is it also any surprise that now, with two generations of confused men, with diminished roles and expectations, that these mass killings are increasing? No.

Stop confusing boys and young men. Women have been allowed now to be "everything" they can be; yet the boy and the young man must be everything that a feminized society tells him he must be, so he becomes confused, angry, and becomes nothing. That is, those who have no strong and correct influences at home, who can help him figure his role in society and sooth the pitfalls of lesser popularity or "inferior" accomplishments, tell him he is valuable, useful and will find a role in life. A great mother will do this, but, truly, a boy needs a great father, too. It may be this lack of father that will tip the scale and make the gun his best friend.

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