Sonntag, September 06, 2009

USA: Soziologen besorgt über Gewalt von Teenagerinnen

At least three female teens are facing homicide charges when they should be worried about life after high school. "It's worse than we're willing to admit," said Carl Taylor, a Michigan State University sociology professor and principal investigator for the Michigan Gang Research Project.

In Wayne County, 16-year-old Ciara Hill is awaiting trial on charges that she ordered a cousin to shoot a carjacking victim with an AK47 because he'd seen her face. Also in Wayne County, Treisa J. Lyles and Ebony C. Marshall are charged in separate cases with robbery and murder. They both marked a 19th birthday awaiting trial.

Taylor said the age and gender don't surprise him. He said more females seem willing to become physically aggressive. "We have girls jumping guys -- something you really didn't see before," he said. It is part of "a total breakdown" of accepted rules of conduct and behavior, Taylor said.

Dang, it's "things fall apart, the centre cannot hold" all over again. Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel.

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