Donnerstag, Juli 16, 2009

Wir ziehen eine Generation von Narzisstinnen groß

Of course, it's natural for kids to try to assert their status over others, but it used to be the role of parents to rein in these impulses and teach their daughters that while playing princess is fun, no one enjoys being around someone who acts like a princess in real life. Now researchers are finding that parents are promoting attitudes of superiority in their daughters. Jean Twenge, associate professor of psychology at San Diego State University, tracks the rising egotism on college campuses in her new book, "The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement." She has found that college-age women are developing narcissistic traits at four times the rate of college-age men. She attributes the startling discrepancy in part to parents who put their girls on a pedestal.

Und es sind bekanntlich nicht nur die Eltern, die die "Alphamädchen" auf einen Sockel stellen …

Das Wall Street Journal berichtet.

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